Irene is basically a kitten.

She's also a twenty five year old graphic designer and illustrator, currently floating around Southern Ontario. When she's not playing with colours and letters, she wastes time watching Netflix and eating sushi. Unfortunately, this doesn't ever seem to happen at the same time.

She also digs cats and cat shaped novelty items, weird beers at weird pubs, pastel nail polish, dark lipstick, yoga whenever she rolls out of bed, forcing kisses onto her boyfriend, and any kind of tea she can wrap her paws around.

And no, she doesn't know why she wrote this in third person.

Weird ass dude.

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About the Blog

The Castle Rose spawned from when I was trying to come up with a new Instagram username. Unlike my usual usernames - which almost always consist of song lyrics because I'm forever a moody sixteen year old child at heart - the Castle Rose came from my own name. My parents' last names, specifically.

Loosely translated, my dad's last name means "of the castle" and my mam's is something to do with roses. So I mashed them both together and I fell in love with it so much, I had to expand it beyond the realm of Instagram and it's now become my fancy ass personal brand.

The Castle Rose encompasses both my portfolio and this little blog, which I'm planning on using to keep track of my adventures, inspiration and growth both as a designer and as a proper functioning adult maybe.
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